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Webinars: The European marketplace landscape, how to monetize it?

Learn how to capitalise on the rapidly growing online marketplace/platform business beyond Amazon via a series of five Masterclass webinars that will deliver unique and exclusive “how to” content.

Co-hosted by OPI, TFE.Agency and several leading European online marketplaces such as OnBuy and Conrad, the sessions will explain in depth the crucial elements that are essential for success, including:

  • Marketplace strategies required to succeed with online marketplaces.
  • Infrastructure and organisation needed to work with online platforms.
  • Price Management disciplines to effectively boost sales and maintain price discipline.
  • Supply chain and logistics competencies to secure a competitive advantage with online marketplaces.
  • Optimisation of the value proposition to capitalise on the marketplace opportunity.

The package consists of 5 individual webinar classes, each 75 minutes in length. After each webinar, participants will receive an executive summary of the session, and profiles of key online marketplaces in the top 5 European markets will also be provided.

Speakers of the webinars

Bob Boekema

Managing Director TFE Agency

John Watson

Managing Partner UK

Dirk Latijnhouders

Co-founder TFE-Agency and FruitCake

lelijke kop

Niels van den Oetelaar

Co-Founder and Operational Manager


Marketplace roll out in EU​

Seller focus is paying off​

PBS network

With there tailor-made customized solutions and tools, we can respond to individual customer requirements and to create a suitable interface for each system.


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For whom are these webinairs and when do they take place

This is a must attend series of educational webinars for commercial management, sales people and marketeers, e-commerce staff, Amazon account managers

The dates for the individual sessions are:
8 June: Marketplace strategies for brands
23 June: Infrastructure + organisation (for non techies) 
29 September: Price management
27 October: Supply + B2B marketplaces 
23 November: Optimization “how to manipulate marketplace algorithms” l

Keynote speakers:

One of the fastest growing companies in Europe, and upcoming marketplace in UK (and soon beyond). Reason of their growth: they put the seller really central. Learn more about their proposition.

Known as ecommerce company with a huge range of products, but in Germany for several years active also as marketplace. Rolling out to Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and other countries. Learn more about their plans.




Product syndication platform and ordering hub, with long history in the office supplies market. Learn how content can and should be organized to be ready for multichannel communication.

Why do you need to sign in

When the webinar is over there will be time for a Q+E

You receive information about the current status of some key ecommerce markets

During this webinar, you will learn how to run an effective marketplace

you will learn to rebalance your own marketplaces

Ticket and price

Price: The investment required for all five sessions is just €495 (single sessions are €149).

Joining the webinars means:

  • 5 webinars (including Q&A) for 60 to 75 minutes
  • Sharing of the content (video + presentation)
  • Sharing of executive summary per session
  • Profile of the most important alternative marketplaces of 5 countries.



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