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About Us

Our team consists of seasoned and young professionals. With a mix of experience in the field of Trade, E-commerce, Software development, Supply chain management, Legal and Accounting. Our team currently consists of 7 nationalities and it is our aim the number of nationalities, so that we are a real international service provider. Besides this we work with partners from 6 different countries.


Whatever your challenge, we have a way of working that suits you best. Whether that be as a Consultant or an on-line Dealer or as a virtual Dealer or even a combination of these three, we will work with you to drive your marketplace sales across Europe

Bob Boekema

Commercial & General Manager​

John Watson

Managing Partner

Olivier Poinsot​

Managing Partner

Eric van kessel

Finance manager

Niels van den Oetelaar

Tech Ops Manager

Dirk Latijnhouwers

Tecnical lead

Jeroen Hilbrink​

Legal Advisor

Stefan van Kessel

Controler at

Tom van Doornik

Customer Succes

Okke Vos

Stagiaire Marketplace
operator TFE

Thom van Velzen

Junior Marketplace operator

Merith Meeuwissen

Stagiaire Marketplace
operator TFE
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