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Seperate services

We operate on over 20 marketplaces as merchant of record, so we are a dealer on behalf of our customers. For this reason, we have loads of practical knowledge, which we can offer you independently as a separate service, but also as a package. The service range from Strategy to optimization and operations.
We can offer translation services in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, German and Italian. Combined with our marketplace optimization services we can propel your results in each marketplace.
Per marketplace, we know how the algorithms read your content. This way we can support you with the optimization of product titles, attributes and product texts in such a way that they are more easily picked up by the marketplace algorithm.
Content and brand program Registration
More and more marketplaces have brand registration programs. We can help you with the registration and management of these programs. Be aware that not all marketplaces have these type of programs, but we will naturally help you with this.
Product penetration analysis
Are you a brand and you want to know what the product offer is on various marketplaces? We can support you with all European marketplaces and can check for you the product offer, including price, seller and lead-time. We have set up a team for this type of work, that works very cost-effective.
Price Analysis
Naturally, there are tools out there, but… these tools are often quite expensive did you know that some marketplaces are smart enough to fool these tools? For this reason, we do this manually, to ensure quality. Naturally in the most cost-effective and smart way
Our technology can be offered as a service, including our whole partner network. This way you can launch, or roll out your marketplace operations, without reinventing the wheel. TFE has managed multiple assortments, brands, warehouses, vat systems, etc, so the system is bulletproof.
Supply chain
No e-fulfilment or drop ship capabilities? No problem we have a network with solutions. We can help you to select the right partners, connect them and also manage them on your behalf.
Naturally not the fun part of the operations, so let’s do it as efficiently as possible. We can help you with the correct Customer service processes, international return addresses, and return assessment, such as restocking, 2nd chance sales or destruction, all to make things as efficient as possible.
Customer Service
Do you want to sell in other countries? We can help you with the set-up of your customer service and can even take it over in parts or in full. We have our own team of customer service operators and have extensive experience. TFE automates everything that doesn’t require a human touch, but naturally, we rely upon the end people, to ensure that you get the right reviews and ratings.

European marketplace study
A European marketplace study for your brand, giving the landscape, the difference between B2B and B2C, the impact of price transparency, strategic and tactical options, including a personalized analysis of your assortment. We did it several times successfully.
Strategic consulting
Strategic consulting to your management team about a marketplace strategy, setting up a team, setting processes, and tech tool kit, we’ve touched it ourselves, so we can help you with every piece.
Keynote presentations
Need to inspire your organisation? Opening up their eyes? Train them? We have been successfully training and inspiring multiple organisations about the growth, importance, impact and possibilities of b2c and b2b marketplaces.
You need day-to-day support, because of a (temporary) lack of resources. Or do you see that your team needs additional support? We can help you on an hourly basis. The most common request is to support organizations with Amazon vendor management, but also other 1P programs or 3P support can be given.

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