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Your one-stop software solution for selling on Marketplaces.

TFE Datahub is a multi-channel E-commerce management tool for Sales, PIM, ERP, Stock management and Price management. It's proven to work for Marketplaces, Multi-warehouse custom webshops and more E-commerce.

Sales orders

Our Datahub's Multi-channel e-commerce sales order management system allows businesses to manage and fulfill customer orders from multiple online sales channels, such as website, marketplaces, and social media platforms, from a single centralized platform.


Our sales and stock dashboard is a visual representation of key metrics and data related to sales and inventory. It allows businesses to easily track and monitor key performance indicators such as sales revenue, stock levels, and product demand, in real-time. It also helps to identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to improve sales and inventory management.

Purchase Orders

TFE Datahub has a built-in multi-channel Purchase Order Management system that allows businesses to manage and track purchase orders from multiple sources, such as vendors, suppliers, and e-commerce platforms, from our single centralized platform.

Returns management

Our return management system tool allows us to generate shipping labels and create returns, and track the status of returned items. It also allows customers to easily initiate returns and track the status of their return requests. This system helps to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the administrative burden of returns management.

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Products Information Management (PIM)

Datahub has a multi-channel Product Information Management (PIM) system that allows businesses to centralize, manage, and distribute product information across multiple sales channels, such as website, marketplaces, and other platforms. It helps to ensure that all product information is accurate, consistent and up-to-date, improving customer experience and sales.


Our built-in CRM allows businesses to easily manage customer and their business related information in a single place. It also helps us create easy exports and connect orders with correct Invoice data.

Marketplace Management

With Datahub Marketplace Management you can manage, list, and sell products on multiple e-commerce platforms from a single centralized platform. It can automate the process of listing products, managing inventory, tracking sales, and fulfilling orders, helping to increase sales efficiency and reduce errors.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Datahub can manage inventory and fulfill orders across multiple warehouses and sales channels, such as webshops, marketplaces, and physical stores if needed, from a single centralized platform. It helps to ensure inventory accuracy, streamline order fulfillment and shipping, and improve sales efficiency.

Seamless integrations with other tools

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