IOnBuy is the fourth largest marketplace in the UK. From small specialist outlets to major household names, an ever-increasing number of retailers are discovering the value of selling with OnBuy – and that value is all about partnership. We’ve partnered with PayPal to offer customers and sellers a better experience. Not only is checking out simpler and more secure, but everyone can benefit from the PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection schemes. When you sell with OnBuy, we’re continually committed to supporting your business, promoting your products, helping increase your sales and not to mention: never competing against you Benefits of selling on OnBuy: - With an array of departments spanning thousands of categories, OnBuy supports a huge range of products
- OnBuy’s selling fees are competitive
- OnBuy does not hold your money: subject to PayPal’s security checks, buyer payments will land straight in your PayPal account
- You’re covered by the PayPal Seller Protection scheme for eligible orders .