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Driving Global Growth: TFE Agency Forges Dynamic Partnership with Highlands

TFE Agency is excited to unveil its latest collaboration with Highlands, a renowned international sales, marketing, and e-commerce agency. This strategic alliance aims to elevate market presence and provide holistic commercial services to clients seeking expansion opportunities across borders.

At TFE Agency, we understand the importance of strategic partnerships in today’s competitive landscape. That’s why we’re thrilled to join forces with Highlands, experts in empowering brands to navigate growth across industries, categories, and countries. Our collaboration leverages the combined expertise and resources of both agencies to facilitate seamless cross-border expansion for brands.

Our partnership with Highlands opens up exciting possibilities for British brands eyeing European marketplaces. Likewise, European brands looking to establish a foothold in UK marketplaces will benefit from our localized approach and extensive market insights. Together, we’re committed to supporting brands in achieving their full potential on a global scale.

Bob Boekema, Managing Director and Co-Founder of TFE Agency, added, “The partnership with Highlands will strengthen our UK presence and localized approach and will enable TFE to support customers with a wider range of commercial services.”

Highlands is an international sales, marketing, and e-commerce agency specializing in empowering brands to navigate growth across industries, categories, and countries. With a legacy dating back to 1962, Highlands has been a trusted partner in providing custom solutions for brands to thrive in today’s interconnected world of commerce. Visit to learn more.

TFE Agency is a European marketplace management company dedicated to supporting brands and wholesalers in expanding their market reach. Our innovative marketplace management software oversees every aspect of the offer, order, and shipment process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Visit to learn more.

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