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Driving your marketplace sales
across Europe

We enable brands to optimise their sales and profits across more than 40 European
marketplaces through combining years of commercial expertise and digital know-how.

In short, from strategy to execution, we go for long-term cooperation resulting in joint success and growth.

We combine decades of experience in e-commerce and trade to help organizations succeed with the next big shifts in commerce and sell on Marketplaces in Europe. B2B marketplaces are already taking over from the B2C marketplaces that we all know so well, and other big shifts such as social commerce and voice and sensor-based ordering are on the horizon.

To deliver efficient and reliable operations, we automate and centralize wherever possible but we strongly believe that “people business” is essential. For this reason, we have created a partner structure with co-entrepreneurs in the key European countries where you do business. These team members are in daily contact with local brands, marketplaces and service providers to ensure you have fast, relevant and up to date support and advice.

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